Development of teacher creative potential

Creativity in the work of the teacher-it may be said, a special kind of activity, aimed at creating a new product. This is the "highlight", through which teachers captivate children with new knowledge, which allows broader interesting and informative teaching material already familiar to children, without which it is impossible to be a teacher. Creativity is present in the work of any teacher regardless of his seniority or education, but only the most creative teachers are able to create the global nature of the novelty, innovation in teaching science.


The development of creativity in cycles: from lower to higher levels. Moreover, each new step in the development of creativity is born in the depths of the levels preceding it. A similar development is possible only in the process of becoming a person of the teacher, the accumulation of new pedagogical knowledge and skills, the costs of their own physical, mental and spiritual resources. Consequently, nor any acquaintance with the experience of other teachers, will not change the creativity of the teacher, while he does not apply the acquired knowledge in their own teaching.

The creative potential of teachers-a set of mental processes and personality traits that are realized in the process of pedagogical creativity. His genetically inherent fundamentals affect the choice of the teaching profession, he formed while studying and developing a future career.

Not a single intelligent system can not expand indefinitely. At a certain stage of development of each art teacher to work effectively as part of their standard. In the future, there is a qualitative change in the structure of creativity, the teacher moves to a new stage of development, and more globally conceptualize previously acquired knowledge and skills teaching. "Stagnation" in this case is not possible: in professional burnout teacher degradation-transition back to a lower level of development of pedagogical creativity.

Factors for the development of the creative potential can be attributed to both external (the influence of socio-economic environment, especially educational institutions, educational objectives of the personnel, etc.) and internal (teacher in need of creative activity, motivation, creativity, spiritual value sphere of his personality). Each new round of development of creativity is always characterized by uncertainty, ignorance and lack of understanding, and only overcome them, the search for new information, the introduction of radically new forms and methods of teaching activities can go up to the next level.

The creative potential of the developing teacher always is an open system for all the innovations in the field of pedagogy and psychology students. A lot depends on the personality of the teacher, from its cultural, professional and educational level, needs and interests, motivation, teaching. Isolation, lack of good information, a lack of interest in acquiring new knowledge and skills detrimental to creativity and lead to its degradation.

With the growth of pedagogical creativity and teaching skills is an acceleration of the pace of development, change and move to the next level. That eats, the higher the level of creativity of the teacher, the easier and faster it develops, and, on the contrary, at lower levels of the organization of creativity development rates are much lower. However, the reserves (unclaimed resources) build the capacity of the teacher lurk within it. Only a personal wish and desire for growth will find the best ways to use them.

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