Tips for beginning guitarists

Now many people are taking up the guitar, find tutorials on the internet, trying to deal with, but they did not come out. Sound familiar? Then this article is for you. If you're determined to learn to play the guitar, plus you have a great desire and commitment to it, and you do not know where to start, then this article is, once again, for you.

Igra on gitare

The first thing you must decide is-guitar itself. Guitars come in three types:

I'll tell you about each.

Most likely, you've seen a guitar in his life. It consists of three parts: the body (often vosmiobraznoy form). Vulture (explain the "human-child" language)-it's the longest "stick" on which the strings are pulled horizontally. And the second part-the headstock, it is located at the top of the guitar on it are splitting, but about them later.

On the Internet you can find many pictures of the structure of the guitar. Now you have a little acquainted with the guitar, now is the time to tell about the views.

So, the first guitar, which I'll discuss-a classic. She has a great body, a great distance between the strings in the neck and nylon strings more often. Sound production by the body.

The second guitar-acoustic. Same as the classic, but more compact and acoustic string spacing is less. The strings she had made of metal. Sound production, too, with the housing.

And the last-an electric guitar. Sound production by means of an amplifier (roughly speaking, from the column to which the guitar is connected). The strings are made of metal.

If you do not have a guitar and you're going to buy it, listen to what I am about to say. Best option-acoustic. With it you quickly and easily learn to play the guitar. Difficult option-a classic. Nylon strings on it and the large distance between the strings, and it gives a great difficulty in learning. It is this version I have chosen seven years ago. I will say from personal experience that it is very difficult. Standing corn, his first chord I took a week. "Well, why is torture?"-You ask. After this difficult period, you will be playing the guitar clean and beautiful without any extra effort. A year later, you will be fingered as easily as you write pen on paper. With an acoustic guitar things will be much faster. The most deprecated option-electric guitar, you can play on it after 1-2 years from the start of the course, it will not give you a true understanding of sound. There's a lot of effects that give a distorted sound. Do not buy a cheap guitar. Cheap guitar gives a very bad sound. Better to pay a little more, but to have fun. Have fun shopping!

Next time-on printed music education. If you do decide to play the guitar, you have to decide for themselves whether to include lessons on guitar learning musical notation. Seriously gathered to play music, it is desirable to include. And if so, to "play with friends", that is not necessary. I myself play the piano and sheet music basics I know, but did not go deep. For example, none of the musicians of "The Beatles" did not know the music, but they do without this wonderful music. So the choice is yours.

Even if you decide to play a certain style in the future, such as Metal or Rock, then before you begin you must know the basics of playing the guitar. Next I will talk about it.

So go to the first lesson

Holding a guitar neck to the left. In most cases it is a six-string guitar. If you rightly took the guitar, the top will be thicker strings, and at the bottom thinner. The countdown starts from the bottom string, that is the lowest-first, the uppermost-the sixth. Now look at the neck. Vertically from left to right are inserted metal inserts-sills. The distance between them are called frets. The countdown begins fret too left. First, second, third ... seventh and so on. Accordingly, each string can be clamped on any fret. For example, the third string at the fourth fret. So, you have to count the bottom of the third string and the left, on the third string, fourth fret. Usually, to make it easier to find the right mood draw point in one way. So, to find a fourth fret need to find a second point on the third fret and tighten the string on the next tune. Now I'm really describe in detail the procedure. At first it will be difficult to navigate, but then it will become easier. Clip onto the frets with his left hand under the neck, and the right to play guitar right over the hole.

Before the game, you need to tune your guitar. Each string has a certain sound. Guitar strings upset and becomes low sound, the string droops. Adjustable guitar with pegs located on the headstock. On the classical and acoustic guitar on three chopping on the side. At the bottom of the count starts from right to left and vice versa at the top. The first string should sound as well as the second octave on the piano, but if you are not familiar with other musical instruments, it's easier to buy a tuning fork to tune your guitar. The second string on the fifth fret to sound like the first open (open string-this string which is not trapped fret). Third on the fourth fret of the second (fourth fret exception here). Fourth on the fifth fret of the third open. And so on all the others on the fifth fret. After tuning your guitar, you are ready for classes.


Chords are indicated in English letters: A, B, C, etc. There are two forms of chords: major and minor. Declaring again "human-child" language majeure-a fun sound minor-sad. What you are clamped, it was just a sound note. Accord-a few of these sounds. The first chords you will learn to be-Am (A minor). Hold the index finger of the second string at the first fret, unnamed third fret of the second string, and the average fourth string. Right hand to play all the strings down with your thumb. In most cases, the sound is muffled and rattles. However, after training you will be getting better and better.

Engaged to 2 times a day-morning and evening for half an hour, no more!

Good luck to you!

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