Tutorial guitar

If you are very new and have decided to learn to play the six-string guitar and win the hearts of girls and soul companies, then I write it for you. My tutorial is aimed at those who just want to play rhythm and sing. Write about a solo game does not make any sense, it's just practice. The first thing you need to master the most simple rhythm.


First, let's define the same tool that you have taken in hand. At the sound of the guitar is playing the role of all: the strings, the tree from which the guitar is made, the structure of the body, the integrity of the deck (front panel), the condition of the neck (frets on it are: metal thin lines perpendicular to the neck).

One can not say a few words about the strings. The strings are divided into a great number of subspecies. Under each style of music fits the definition of a string. But the two main types: metal and nylon.

Nylon strings are used on classical guitars. They have soft and not "cutting" sound. It is much louder and brighter metal strings that are usually put on the "westerns". Personally, I've always played with metal strings, but they have one major drawback-the strings are very cut fingers. The first time you will have corn, but believe me, it's worth it!

Next. Learn to play sitting down. At what pace should put the guitar? To this question you need to answer for yourself. When planting classical guitar rests on the left leg.

So, you hold the guitar. The left hand holds the neck, the right to say, "hugging" the guitar is on the strings. First, let's talk about the left hand. If you hold the chord is not "barrels" (chord in which the strings are clamped index finger), the fingers should press hard on the strings (well, not so on the neck were dented, but the sound is pure published). Fingers should not touch the other strings. When chord "barre" index finger has to be tightly pressed against the strings, each string to sound clearly. The thumb is in this for the neck, and it should not be visible. In other methods play a chord thumb favored because of the headstock.

We begin to learn the chords. For a simple game enough to know these chords:

Tablitsa akkordov
Table chords taken from the site www.ogitare.ru.

In the table under each letter is the chord structure. Explanation: From-To, D-D, E-E, F-F, G-G, A-A, B-C. The letter m is a minor chord, number 7 next to the letter denotes the seventh. Almost on every table is figure. This Roman numeral denotes the way, this is the first column in the table, which shows the string. If there is a number 2 on the third line from the top point, then you pinch the bottom third string at the second fret. The numbers on the left-it's fingers. 1-index, 2-medium, 3-ring 4-little finger. The top line-it is the bottom string on the guitar. It's simple. If the point is not, therefore, open string sounds.

The right hand is working on extracting the sound with your fingers or a pick. While we consider the extraction of sound with your fingers. You can play the fight or brute force, while there are two ways: you can pluck the strings (used when removing the sound of two strings), pull (just to hook the fingers). The battle is completely different. Simple fight-"down-up". This can be done with one, two or all of the fingers. How convenient for you. Need to learn to fight muting (also not difficult). You need to turn off the strings with his palm. To do this, spend all of your fingers on the strings of his hand and lowered herself onto the string and suppresses them. This must be done quickly and dramatically. We will denote the killing marked H.

We consider several schemes battle:

  1. down-up-down-up-down-up
  2. X-down-up-up-down-up
  3. down-down-up-down-down-up-down-up-down
  4. down-up-x-up-down-up

You pinch chord, cycle battle, take the next chord and then the cycle and so on. Chords to the songs you can easily find on the internet. These simple schemes enough to play any song by the fire.

And the last. Setting up a guitar. Strings are considered below.

  1. 1st string E
  2. 2nd string C
  3. 3rd string G
  4. 4th string D
  5. 5th string A
  6. 6th string E

It is better to set up on the tuner, but it can be hard of hearing. It's enough to know that the first bottom-free sounds like a second string on the fifth fret of the second free sounds like a third on the fourth fret of the third free sounds like the fourth to the fifth, the fourth as a fifth on the fourth, fifth as the sixth to the fifth. When you reach the average level of the game, will set up a chord by ear.

To develop the skills of playing the guitar is your only practice. The only way to achieve a peaceful and beautiful game. You do not have to hurry! If you have the desire and capability, then you will learn to play!

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