Musical development

In past centuries it was believed that music can have a beneficial influence on the inner world and the state of mind of a person to form his worldview and even ideology. It belongs to the ethereal and divine phenomenon, calling cosmic harmony, experience that could only your favorites. Music was almost without exception all the aristocrats, knowing and understanding that is the crown of the secular manner. Today, anyone can touch this fine tradition of Russian and European nobility, devoting himself to music lessons and, of course, many are interested in music to develop their child.

muzykalnoe razvitie

Everyone knows that children at an early age to require maximum attention from their parents, and we are trying in every way to provide it to them. In this case, try to observe your child in terms of his passions, affections, the interest in certain games, subjects so on. That's fair enough, because that's what parents have to, somehow, to discover and reveal the ability of the child to music, promote their development to a certain age (3-4 years), thereby multiplying the child's interest in music lessons in general. Try to find the right approach for the most rapid and successful musical development. Home atmosphere, at an opportune moment, is favorable.

The initial task that stands before parents, it is the emergence of desire in the child to do something. Given the fact that the music-it's a multi-faceted field of study, parents should not limit a child of any movement, any emotional displays. Remember how toddlers love to gesticulate, to publish all kinds of sounds of voice, banging spoons on the table, and more. Adults sometimes it's surprising, but it is so manifest a kind of musical development. Note that already in their first months of life, children begin to respond to the tone of the people around them, which contributes to the overall development of speech. Similarly happening in the music, the first reaction of a child-is the intonation tunes or songs, and child age one to two years, in the tone of the music is enough to recognize and submit to the musical image. For a three year old child, just, tone music is not enough, it is necessary to understand the basic techniques of musical expression (tone, strength of the music.) At this age, is an interest in musical instruments, as well as a desire to master the different techniques to extract the sound.

Engage with your child collaborative listening tunes, songs, watching movies and children's musical productions. Of course, the Italian opera-a kind of standard of beauty vocals, but the child can be difficult in perception, although many children have grown up exactly on it. In any case, the child should be familiar with the different genres of music. Similar occupations developing concentration and ability to associate the music with the situation. Sing songs to your child, even if he tries to learn with you. And do not be afraid if it sounds flatly inaccurate or, for that contributes to the development of hearing and voice. Accompany your performance dance, which is also recommended for use in games, thus developing coordination kid. It does not matter, you are dancing with a baby or holding his hand, and in any case, you pass him feeling of rhythm and learn to feel the music. Proven to children after similar sessions with parents is much easier to learn in music school. Make sure to play, learning rhymes or songs happened in an easy and unobtrusive way. It is important not to miss the moment when the child's attention is scattered, and it just starts to get tired.

By purchasing baby toys, look for their musicality in any form, ranging from the primitive sounds of voices of animals, to tunes, songs and poems. Make sure that your child is familiar with pipes, tambourines, children's piano, guitar and even a balalaika, with all that it can extend the idea of ​​the music and instruments, and to help him in the future to make the right choices along the way of the future musician. And most important, in any case, does not affect this choice. Even if he is in favor of a drum or wooden spoons, you will still be proud of their child in the future. It should be noted that the music lessons at an early age not only affect the development of the musical abilities of the child, but also on the formation of the creative person in general, prone to self-expression and improvement. And parents, like anyone else, can take part in this very active part. Further, the "baton" in the development of your child already will take the music school teachers.

Listening to enroll in a music school, not a complicated procedure for children, in which parents develop a sense of rhythm, hearing, vocal skills, and acquainted with musical instruments. Someone, of course, was able to go even further: the musical terms, certificate, and so on, but this is not essential for admission. Usually, check hearing, rhythm, memory, well still be asked to sing a song or poem to read. May be asked by the hearing to determine which key to hit the teacher, or how many keys, if there are several. Your child is sure to fail, do not worry, because you know him all that long ago learned and know. And have a very serious cause for joy and pride for their baby.

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