The musical development of the child

Musical development is very important for any child. It promotes a holistic, harmonious development of personality. While listening to music is developing nervous system, muscular system, developing a sense of beauty and artistic thinking. Of course, this does not mean that the birth of the child should be brought up with the brilliant musician, but parents can teach him how to listen to and understand music and enjoy it. So what is the musical development and when to start them to do?

muzykalnye sposobnosti

Auditory perception in the newborn is already well formed. While still in the mother in the stomach, the baby hears her voice, the sound of her heart. Coming into the world a child learns these sounds, responds to the voices of other relatives. To crumb fell asleep mother sings lullabies to calm and cheerful and rhythmic songs and nursery rhymes while awake. Famous rattles too contribute to the cause of musical development. With their purchase please note that different rattles emit a different sound: a dull, crackling or ringing like a bell. Try to pick the widest possible range of sounds and try to compare the sounds of different baby rattles.

Also in stores now, a very large selection of musical toys: electronic piano, mobiles, musical mats. When buying them pay attention to the quality of published music. These toys are good by the fact that a child needs to extract the melody to make any action-click on the button to turn the lever or pull toy. This is how the cause-and-effect relationships, developing cerebral cortex.

Children also respond well to classical music. Now on sale a lot of thematic music discs with specially chosen and arranged music for the kids. Very useful to listen to recordings of the sounds of nature-the murmur of the brook, the noise of the sea, the rustle of the rain ...

When the baby gets older, rattles can be replaced by real musical instruments. The drum will delight any child. Encourage your child to knock on the drum palm, and then finger (sticks better to start clean). Show your baby tambourine, pay attention to it, that it can be used not only to knock, but the clink. Try it with him to accompany your favorite songs.

It should be noted that listening to children's songs speech activity stimulates, develops passive vocabulary. And trying to sing along, in addition to creating a positive emotional state, but also develops articulation apparatus. Once the child turns three years old, you can offer him a glockenspiel. In this case, note that you need to keep the wand easily without squeezing. First, for a toddler it will be difficult, but when it begins to turn out, melodic range will delight the little ear musician.

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