Youth subculture that emerged in the seventies of the twentieth century among Americans (immigrants from African countries), called hip-hop. To this direction in fashion and dance were invented music under that name, a special jargon, their own clothes, their dances, even graphic arts reflected in this style-graffiti has come into the world with hip-hop. Young people all over the world very quickly picked up this fashion and the beginning of the last decade of the twentieth century was an era for the young hip-hop.

Music of this trend includes repovsky recitative and rhythm, which is set DJ. Dance under this name brings a lot of dance styles and trends, so the approach to a particular classification of the dance is difficult. A distinctive feature of all the dances of this trend is its vibrant artistic, special character. It is adjacent to the naturalness and simplicity with the plastic, which is quite peculiar to the biomechanics of the human body. Leaders in hip-hop-dance, as a rule,'s aggressive, that's more like a confrontation.

It follows a definitive conclusion: these dances are suitable for opinionated, stubborn people who want to assert themselves. But you can not say about these dances, they are very aggressive, no. Hip hop dancer eager to please the audience, to bring him to his side, making the dance is very positive. Young people dancing to hip-hop, show themselves, trying to show the best of what they have and attract the attention of the opposite sex. Hence the sexual movements of the hips, knees relaxed and traffic addressed to the floor, as if addressed to a deity African nations are believed living underground. Steady beat of dance also comes from African-tamov there.

Fashion in dancing hip-hop is constantly updated, but has a number of features in common: loose clothing, more sporting style, which includes shoes, baseball caps, but not necessarily brand. This includes T-shirts and T-shirts, hoodies, ski caps, strung up to the eyebrows, pants-Pipe (like bags), boxer shorts. Hairstyles are usually short, but there are African-style braids. Costume jewelry is enjoyed by a young popular, but jewelry is rough and massive.

All the trends and styles that are included in the style of hip-hop, to mention, although it is possible to identify the main.

One of them-Krumping (cramping). This new dance common in the United States and some European countries. Krumping is often confused with the dance Clowning (klouningom), although they were significantly different from each other. They have almost the same speed, but there are differences.

Cramping to a certain extent is aggressive, it expressed strong emotions bordering on angry, resulting in a fairly heavy steps and strong shock body movements. The basic idea of ​​krumping-an expression of power and aggression directed against something specific that needs to understand the audience. Technique of the dance is based on the technique of early hip-hop and b-boying, but do not stay in one place and is constantly evolving, adding new moves, which become even more complicated and harder. Is required and the contact between the partners in the dance, which often looks like a very real fight. If we talk about clowning, then this dance allows the dancers to war paint on his face (the clown make-up), although this is not mandatory and is a matter of each dancer.

The following style of contemporary street dance, which is somewhat similar to the break dancing, where most of the foot work-it's Crip Walk. Did this dance in one of the suburbs of Los Angeles under the rappers rapping. He first appeared as the movement of a gang Crips, hence the name, and then it got its distribution in these layers of young people who were not quite at odds with the law. In the nineties, some of the movements of the dance became part of hip-hop. Today, it is also common, he has several types, but basically-it is a very quick dance rather entertaining. Over time, there was a merger of two directions and Crip Walk Clown Walk, and turned Crown Walk, which promotes a completely different values, focusing on young people taking dance and promotion of healthy lifestyles.

What is interesting, on the basis of these dances created another-C-Walk, characterized in that the dancers feet prescribe letters of the Russian alphabet.

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