Development of musical abilities

All parents want their children to be fully developed. A role in the upbringing of the child is playing music. The development of musical ability does not start in the music school, but much earlier. From the moment when my mother first started singing a lullaby to the kid and when he was first included children's musical toy. Sing songs to your child, of course, necessary. But, even if the parents question the purity of his singing, then there is nothing to worry about.

razvitie music sposobnostey

Also, if mom and dad want to develop an ear for music at the kid, they need to be careful in the choice of musical toys and books. Unfortunately, too often sounding tunes they fake that can not beneficial to the musical development.

Once the child begins to utter words, can play with it in the "sounds of the animals." After all, this is also a kind of music. And also a useful exercise for the development of speech and exercises management voice. Let the kid sing the sounds of different animals, repeating for mom: loud and soft, high and low.

In order to develop an ear for music at home must have musical instruments. For starters fit the so-called "noise", tambourine, glockenspiel, bells, triangle and others. These musical instruments help develop a child's sense of rhythm. You can play both single and multiple tools. You can play and sing. You can play and read, you can listen to music or a song and knock rhythm.

Small and inexpensive synthesizer will also be a good helper in the development of the baby. By pressing the button the child get acquainted with different instruments and sounds.

Besides singing and playing instruments an important role in the development of the child plays a musical hearing of music, especially classical. Unlike adults, children perceive classical music a lot easier. Listening to music for five minutes a day is enough. In addition, it is useful to include the classics while painting or sculpting. So the child will absorb the musical information in a relaxed manner.

In three years, you can drive kids to concerts of classical music, specially prepared for children, or musical performances, of which there are now a wide variety for all ages and all tastes (especially if you live in the city). Only after the show needed a "feedback"-you need to ask about his mood, that it more memorable. By the way, going to a concert can help parents to inculcate the kid right manner of behavior in society.

It turns out that the music gently helps parents not only the right to educate their children, but also to educate them.

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