Home to dance the cha-cha-cha is Cuba, year of birth — 1952.

Rhythms of Cuba, montuno and Danson united, formed a wonderful dance. Along with the other dances he is in the compulsory part of the program of Latin American dances.

Cha-cha-cha is a relatively young dance. His appearance did not know much. Reliably only that he appeared on the American continent in the early fifties of the last century. The rest is debatable. Its appearance is associated with a Cuban musician Enrique Horrina. He wanted to dance rhythms are simple and easy in getting to know, that is available to anyone, not just professional dancers. Enrique Horrin a lot of experimenting with music and once wrote «La enganadora», which had a rhythm, and similar to the rumba and mambo. It is this song called the forerunner of cha-cha-cha. Soon the dance became known all over the world, has gained high popularity and won many hearts.

The story of the name is also not clear, although versions of his appearance very much. In the first, the name comes from the names of the plants cha-cha, from the pods which makes tools like rattles. The second version is related to the Cuban guaracha dance. The third version is considered more acceptable, it is carried out by the association with the sounds of steps to publish the dancers during the dance movements. Dancers liked the rhythm of Cuban music composer and they began to dance to the accompaniment of maracas. When moving the resultant sound like a cha-cha-cha, which gave the name of the dance.

Modern ballroom dancing competitions consider dance the cha-cha-cha dance major program of Latin American culture and the Latin countries as a whole. The international arena has given to this dance a certain elegance and sophistication.

For all international competitions cha-cha-cha performed with N-novice class.

The nature of the dance is lightweight, fast, with strong strong movements of the hips and straightening the knee characteristic. The main feature of this dance is the free version drops and rises. Dance is characterized by easy swagger. Exported from the island of dance teacher Pierre Lavelle, who spent a great job of promoting it, the dance is included in the program of Latin American dances.

Cha-cha-cha is not just a dance-it's musical style. The motive for performing a dance that is known to almost everyone. Unfortunately, despite its simple melody and not the most difficult type of performance, the ability to dance it can not boast of many. This dance is insanely energetic, flirty and sexy. It simply boils flow of passion and playfulness compared to other ballroom dances.

For a while, dance, as well as other dance born in Cuba, was banned for execution in high society, as was considered too erotic and obscene. It still performed lower class or some people from the highest circles, but under the canopy of the sacraments, keeping it very secret, carefully trying to hide it from the public.

Bright, showy, sunny dance can be performed in a couple or solo for example rumba or jive Sambo. This dance is very easy to distinguish from other dances in tempo. A mischievous and playful, he performed in pairs at the event. Partners doing a complex rhythmic footwork. These incendiary three steps suitable to the rhythm and how to give voice to it, a little pause and wonderful movements are repeated again. The steps in the dance begins with a sock and later the weight is distributed entirely on foot. This is just the basics, beauty and originality created by the performers, they added improvising dance movements decorating and giving it a special charm.

Smiles, not falling from the faces of the dancers, straight back, honed steps and movements, mood happiness splashing and swirling hot body. The atmosphere of dance shines colors and can not look at him with indifference, he captures in his arms and carries the audience and the dancers to their homeland, giving them a piece of their unique light and happiness.

The dance is very beautiful and expressive, there a specific role for a woman, so cha-cha-cha is sometimes jokingly referred to as a dance flirts. Easy to create a playful atmosphere of dance and insouciance. He carries a fire, like a nascent feeling between the two young men. Demonstration of grace, flexibility and shape entailing charm makes this dance quite a favorite with the younger generation.

The special features of the dance can be attributed to a small area of ​​performance, because it does not require large-scale dance moves. Couple almost does not move, but the feature of movements on the toes and carrying forward body give the impression of lightness and hovering.

Partners dance with each other at very close range. The dance is a kind, interesting and exciting game which blends flirting and competition. Passion and rhythm are splashing in the room, searing the heart.

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