Characteristic and History Dance

Dance is closely associated with the music. Deprived of dance music can be found very rarely, it is more the exception. In some ancient tribes to the present day dance performed only by percussion instruments and it's the music, or rather its kind of.

Music — an essential and organic component of ballet. The synthesis of these two arts does not specify the suppression of one another, but rather involves the harmonious interaction and complementarity. Each of the arts contributes to the artistic unity.

National dances compared to classical dance emotionally and imaginatively pronounced. On the subject learn dances of various nations: hungarian, polish, romany, tatar, spanish, moldovan and others. Lyrical, sad and solemn — these dances infinitely varied in their expression. Changing drawing of a dance, a variety of construction of figures dancing, spatial development and, of course, the national costume — a necessary component in the national dances. Music is often a major in dance, is in first place, but sometimes the dance is an impact on the music, requiring it certainly and consistency.

Exerciсe (fr.), as well as in the classics dance, is composed of a certain order of movements. You can meet familiar names: tendu, jete, rond de jamb parter, etc.

Usually accompanists on this subject use musical material. Not always possible to improvise in the national character.

Download Music Character Dance

Bihari Ya., Lavotta Ya. Introdukciya from baleta «Chardash» (size: 0.56MB)
Erkel Ferenc. Vengerskiy dance from opery «Laslo Hunyadi» (size: 0.56MB)
Fattah A. «Tatarskiy dance» Razmer: 1.22MB
Galperina S. (obrabotka) «Lyavoniha» Razmer: 0.64MB
Grossman L. «Chardash» from opery «Ten voevody» (size: 0.48MB)
Gurilyov A. «Polka-mazurka» (size: 0.61MB)
Mazurka (size: 0.23MB)
Sartori A. Gavot (size: 0.45MB)
Kozlovskiy N. Kontrodansy (size: 0.22MB)
Glinka M. Polonez (size: 0.47MB)
Asafev B. Sarabanda from baleta Plamya Parizha (size: 0.1MB)
Kreyn A. Tanec s kastanetami from baleta Laurensiya (size: 0.51MB)
Kreyn A. Flamenko from baleta Laurensiya (size: 0.97MB)
Ah vy, seni moi, seni obr. Frida G. (size: 0.08MB)
Lehtinina V. Letka-enka (size: 0.21MB)
Glinka M. Mazurka (size: 0.15MB)
Liszt Franz. F.- Chaykovskiy Polonez from «Evgeniya Onegina» (size: 2.04MB)
Drigo R. Galop (from baleta «Arlekinada») (size: 0.13MB)
Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus. Menuet (size: 0.2MB)
Glinka M. Mazurka (size: 0.2MB)
Glinka M. Mazurka (size: 0.2MB)
Kadril (size: 0.2MB)
Kadril (size: 0.95MB)
Schenikov N. Polka (koncertnaya polka) (size: 0.43MB)
Lobkovskiy A. Shakon (size: 0.39MB)
Runov V. Gavot (pa-de-gras) (size: 0.35MB)
Ashkenazi A. Pa de patiner (size: 0.4MB)
Ovchinnikov E. Krakovyak (size: 0.18MB)
Cfasman A. Pa-de-katr (size: 0.55MB)
Gorber A. Padegras (size: 0.65MB)
Evreyskiy (size: 0.1MB)
Nosov G. «Russkiy plavnyy»(adazhio, plie) (size: 0.15MB)
Gopak (ukrainskiy narodnyy dance) (size: 0.1MB)
Russkaya plyasovaya melodiya (obr. Telicheevoy E.) (size: 0.14MB)
Travushka-muravushka (russkaya narodnaya song) (size: 0.13MB)
«Utushka lugovaya» (obr. N. Chaykina) (size: 0.12MB)
«Tebekeryaska» (moldavskiy narodnyy dance) obr. Fedova D. (size: 0.13MB)
Gulak-Artemovskiy S.«Kazachok» (from opery «Zaporozhec za Dunaem») (size: 0.13MB)
«Kochari» armyanskiy narodnyy dance (obr. Bagdasaryana E.) (size: 0.13MB)
Vesnyanka «Gaivka» (obr. Rfromola N.) (size: 0.13MB)
Glier R. «Gopak» (from baleta «Taras Bulba») (size: 0.29MB)
«Kadril» (obr. V. Kochetova) (size: 0.1MB)
Arakishvili D. «Lezginka» (grand batman) (size: 0.09MB)
Russkaya plyasovaya (size: 0.11MB)
«Krutuha» belorusskiy dance (na vercheniya) (size: 0.11MB)
Gulak-Artemovskiy S. Ukrainskiy dance from opery «Zaporozhec za Dunaem» (size: 0.16MB)
Horovod (size: 0.08MB)
Sorochinskaya O. Cyganskiy dance (size: 0.12MB)
Yablochko (matrosskiy dance) obr. Kuznecova V. (size: 0.31MB)
«Yanka» (belorusskiy dance) (size: 0.12MB)
«Oy, lopnuv obruch» (ukrainskaya narodnaya melodiya (size: 0.12MB)
«Cepochka» (litovskiy dance) (size: 0.11MB)
Kornev V. «Horovod» (size: 0.26MB)
Abramov A. «Ryazanochka» (kadril) (size: 0.25MB)
Lyavoniha (belorusskiy dance) (size: 0.12MB)
Kuznecov E. «Mostochek» (batman tendyu) (size: 0.1MB)
«Bishle Biyu» (tatarskiy narodnyy dance) (size: 0.21MB)
«Matalochka» (russkiy dance) (size: 0.14MB)
«Kadril» (vystukivayuschie) (size: 0.29MB)
«Kryzhachok» (belorusskiy narodnyy dance) (size: 0.21MB)
Tatarskiy dance (size: 0.09MB)
Kuznecov E. «Kumushki» (molotochki) (size: 0.26MB)
Russkiy liricheskiy (size: 0.13MB)
Kuznecov E. «Vesenniy horovod» (demi i grand plie) (size: 0.22MB)
«Vyandra» (estonskiy narodnyy dance) (size: 0.24MB)
«Chistoozyorskaya kadril» (flik flyak) (size: 0.1MB)
«Vo pole oreshina» (russkaya narodnaya song. Podgotovoka k «veryovochke») (size: 0.23MB)
Kuznecov E. «Zerkalce» (russkoe) (size: 0.25MB)
«Omskaya kadril» (vystukivayuschie) (size: 1.53MB)
«Omskaya kadril» (vystukivayuschie) (size: 0.12MB)
«Hora» (moldavskiy dance.) Fondyu. (size: 1.53MB)
«Hora» (moldavskiy dance). Fondyu (size: 0.1MB)
Kuznecov E. «Ryabinushka» (russkoe) (size: 0.23MB)
Kuznecov E. «Pereplyas» (batman zhete) (size: 0.29MB)
«Liricheskaya kadril» (size: 0.11MB)
Loktev V. «Plyaska yunyh moryakov» (pa torte) (size: 0.11MB)
Kuznecov E. «Svidanie» (devlyupe) (size: 0.12MB)
«Yurachka» (belorusskiy narodnyy dance) (size: 0.24MB)
Kuznecov E. «Cvetochek» (grand batman zhete) (size: 0.22MB)
«Subboteya» (russkaya narodnaya melodiya) (size: 0.1MB)
Kuznecov E. «Liricheskiy horovod» (por de bra) (size: 0.24MB)
«Uralochka» (horovod. Pripadaniya.) (size: 0.23MB)
Kuznecov E. «Zhenih» (garmoshka) (size: 0.14MB)
Kuznecov E. «Svidanie» (kovyryalochka) (size: 0.28MB)
Ogurcov B. «Donskaya horovodnaya» (russkiy peremennyy hod) (size: 0.3MB)
Ogurcov B. «Donskaya horovodnaya» (russkiy peremennyy hod) (size: 0.42MB)
Kornev V. «Volzhskaya kadril» (klyuch) (size: 0.15MB)
«Sudarushka» obr. Kuznecova E. (size: 0.12MB)
«Ah, ty, beryoza» (russkaya narodnaya song). Veryovochka. (size: 0.24MB)
Troickiy M. «Kadril» (perestupaniya) (size: 0.23MB)
Russkaya plyasovaya (prisyadki i «hlopushki») (size: 0.11MB)
Kuznecov E. «Volzhanochka» (size: 0.15MB)
«Perepyolochka» obr. Tyshkevicha G. (size: 0.28MB)
«Mazurka» obr. Az. Ivanova (size: 0.11MB)
Bihari Ya. Vengerskiy dance (size: 0.12MB)
Rubinshteyn A. «Chardash» (size: 0.12MB)
«Zhok» (moldavskiy narodnyy dance) obr. O. Muntyana (size: 0.13MB)
«Moldavenyaska» Obr. Fedova D. (size: 0.13MB)
«Tonkaya ryabina» (russkaya narodnaya song) (size: 0.1MB)
«Horovod» (rond de zhamb) (size: 0.13MB)
«Veseluha» (belorusskiy dance) (size: 0.24MB)
Dunaevskiy I. Oy, cvetyot kalina. (size: 0.11MB)
Rubinshteyn A. «Tarantella» (size: 0.12MB)
Bashkirskiy dance. (size: 0.2MB)
Karelskaya narodnaya melodiya (size: 0.07MB)
Monyushko S. «Krakovyak» from opery «Galka» (size: 0.46MB)
Moshkovskiy M. «Ispanskiy dance» Razmer: 1.12MB
Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich. I. Polskiy dance (Polonez) from opery «Evgeniy Onegin» (size: 3.12MB)
Teodorakis M. «Sirtaki» (size: 0.57MB)
Vengerskiy narodnyy dance (size: 0.63MB)
Venyavskiy G. Mazurka «Kuyavik» (size: 0.63MB)
«Ey, uhnem!» (russkaya narodnaya song) (size: 0.13MB)
«Kalinka» (russkaya narodnaya song) (size: 0.3MB)
«Krakovyak» (polskiy dance) (size: 0.29MB)
«Lyavoniha» (belorusskiy dance) (size: 0.64MB)
«Poseyu lebedu» (russkaya horovodnaya) (size: 0.54MB)
«Sudarushka» (russkaya narodnaya melodiya) (size: 0.27MB)
«Tarantella» (italyanskiy narodnyy dance) (size: 1.07MB)
«Yablochko» (russkiy dance) (size: 0.21MB)
Delib L. «Mazurka» from baleta «Koppeliya» (size: 2.24MB)
Bokkerini L. «Menuet» (size: 1.58MB)
Prokofev S. «Gavot» (op. 12, № 2) (size: 0.61MB)
Skryabin A. «Mazurka» (op. 3, № 7) (size: 2.37MB)
Shostakovich D. «Ispanskiy dance» (from kinofilma «Ovod») (size: 2.43MB)
Shostakovich D. «Ispanskiy dance» from kinofilma «Ovod» (size: 2.42MB)
Moldovenyaska (moldavskaya melodiya) (size: 0.11MB)
«Zhok» (moldavskiy narodnyy dance) (size: 0.05MB)
Yann Tiersen Competine D'un Autre ete: L'apres Midi (size: 0.25MB)
Musorgskiy M. «Gopak» (from opery «Sorochinskaya yarmarka») (size: 1.13MB)
«Kamarinskaya» (russkaya narodnaya song, obr. Gorodovskoy V.) (size: 2.05MB)
«Svetit mesyac» (russkaya narodnaya song, obr. Novikova A.) (size: 0.85MB)
Moldavskiy narodnyy dance «Betuta» (size: 0.06MB)
Chaykovskiy P. «Russkiy dance» (size: 0.53MB)
Chaykovskiy P. 50 russkih narodnyh pesen for piano v 4ruki (size: 18.47MB)