Classic Dance

Some about a classical dance...

Classical dance is composed of three main sections: exercice ballet barre, in the middle of the hall and jumping. At the elementary school movement performed face to ballet barre, in high school — to the ballet barre side, holding her with one hand. Exercise all accompanied by music.

Tempo determined by the level of training of the class and character of the movement. Gradually concertmaster produced accuracy rates of sensation.

There are some important criteria to make music for classical dance lesson that should be considered. It should have:

  1. Square structure.
  2. Metric clarity.
  3. Gamofonno-harmonic connection, especially melodic and harmonic.
  4. Specific genre affiliation.

Ballet does not exist without the music. Dance in nature initially there is only one with the music. Dance depends on the music first of all, because it related to her pace and rhythm. Choreographic meter — it even alternation durations filled with dance moves. The meter regulates the order of dance. In the classical dance more often used musical size: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8.

Movement in ballet is almost always begins with preparason (from fr.) — preparatory motion , at this moment the students lead the arms and legs to the desired position. In music, it takes about 3 chords. When preparason not there, you play only 3 notes before driving.

The first movement in exercic (fr.) — «plie». Musical size can be either 3/4 and 4/4, it depends on which combination will ask the teacher and looking like he wants to do it - fast or slow. Sometimes it happens that one dance move fit triple time and bilobate size, if in doubt, check with the teacher, what size it will be more convenient for him. Most likely, he will sing you a some melody and you decide how you'll are going to play. Plie it's a slow movement, the music should be smooth, lyrical, quiet. Suited musical genres: nocturne, elegy or slow waltz. The transition from position to position (especially in the lower grades) is played with a few guyed and slowdowns.

The next move in exercice — «battements tendus» (fr.) is always executed in 2/4 or 4/4. This movement is clarity and the music should be the same. Beginning of the movement may match as on a strong or weak music share, it should take into account when setting the combination. Will suit march or gavotte. Movement in its purest form (for example, only «plie» without adding any other elements) are executed when they are just learning a, but when they already know, they begin to combine with other dance elements. «Plie» and «tendu» to easy can be combined into one combination. The problem concertmaster — to remember and put on the music set combination.

In exercises on the middle of the hall studying the same motion as a near with a ballet barre. Added the elements the rotation. Music for the rotation can be taken from the ballet, for example: code of the «Venice Carnival», I act Kitri variation from «Don Quixote» or code in F major from «Flames of Paris». Tours can also be combined with other movements, such as tours chaines (fr.).

Finally, the jumping. When playing music on the jumps, it is important to accurately determine the music size, make the effect of flight, and a springboard to achieve synchronization with a performer. Musical material should correspond to the level of preparedness of children. Often in small jumps play polkas (in junior high), pa de de Diane of «Esmeralda», «Dance Naina» from «Ruslan and Ludmilla», scene with Cupid from «Don Quixote»... Festive waltzes suitable for large, high jump. Dancer jump or not to 80% depending on the pianist. Jumping can be on a strong and the weak share — musician it should know. Music — is the springboard from which the student is pushed and you have to help him take wing.

Download Music for Classical Dance

Adagio (size: 0.17MB)
Adan A. Fragment from baleta «Zhfromel» (size: 0.04MB)
Chaykovskty P. Fragment from baleta «Lebedinoe ozero» (size: 0.06MB)
Chopin Frédéric François. Zabytyy vals (size: 0.28MB)
Glazunov A. Mimicheskaya scena from «Raymondy» (size: 1.56MB)
Glier R. «Tanec na ploschadi» from baleta balet «Mednyy vsadnik» (size: 0.05MB)
Gossec F. J. «Gavotte» (size: 0.05MB)
Guno Sh. Adagio «Valpurgieva noch» from opery «Faust» (size: 0.38MB)
Hachaturyan A. adagio from baleta «Spartak» (size: 0.04MB)
Hachaturyan A. «Kolybelnaya» from baleta «Gayane» (size: 0.03MB)
Hachaturyan K. «Pomidor» from baleta «Chippolino» (size: 0.11MB)
Hubler E. «Akkompaniment for dance» (50 str.) (size: 0.57MB)
Kozlovskiy A. «Vals» from muzyki k spektaklyu «Princessa Turandot» (size: 0.46MB)
Macbeth N. Intermezzo «Forget me not» (tendu) (size: 0.5MB)
Minkus Ludwig. Allegro from baleta «Don Kihot» (size: 0.21MB)
Minkus Ludwig. Divertisment from baleta «Don Kihot» (size: 0.21MB)
Minkus Ludwig. Fragment from 3 akt «Zhfromeli» (pa de deux «Snova vmeste» i pryzhkovaya variaciya Zhfromeli) (size: 0.58MB)
Minkus Ludwig. Pa de de from baleta «Don Kihot» (size: 0.2MB)
Minkus Ludwig. Variaciya Kitri from baleta «Don Kihot» (frappe) (size: 0.07MB)
Minkus Ludwig. Variaciya from baleta «Korsar» (size: 0.17MB)
Minkus Ludwig. variaciya 1oy solistki from baleta «Don Kihot» (size: 0.11MB)
Minkus Ludwig. «Koda» from baleta «Korsar» (size: 0.5MB)
Morley O. Minon (size: 1.31MB)
Moshkovskiy M. «Vals» (size: 0.18MB)
Offenbah Zh. Fragment from balta «Sinyaya ptica» (size: 0.42MB)
Parter1 (size: 0.02MB)
Parter2 (size: 0.04MB)
Puni C. Francuzskaya kadril from baleta "Konyok-Gorbunok" (size: 0.73MB)
Adan A. Muzhskaya variaciya from baleta Korsar (rukopisnye) (size: 0.6MB)
Titov N. Dva valsa (size: 0.24MB)
Klin V. Detskiy yumoristicheskiy dance (pryzhki) (size: 0.21MB)
Hachaturyan A. Romans (from muzyki k drame Lermontova "Maskarad") (size: 0.25MB)
Rubinshteyn A. Romans (size: 0.69MB)
Delib L. Koppeliya (size: 0.92MB)
Chopin Frédéric François. F, Noktyurn (size: 0.23MB)
Chopin Frédéric François. Noktyurn (size: 0.23MB)
Hromushkin O. Rusalochka (size: 0.5MB)
Glazunov A. Baryshnya-sluzhanka (gavot) (size: 0.33MB)
Kreyn A. Liricheskiy dance devushek from baleta Laurensiya (size: 0.46MB)
Polonskiy A. Figurnyy vals (size: 0.61MB)
Arskiy A. Kremena (size: 0.1MB)
Lehtinina V. Letka-enka (size: 0.21MB)
Runov V. Minon (size: 0.42MB)
Glazunov A. Vals from baleta «Vremena goda» (size: 0.13MB)
Grand allegro (size: 0.15MB)
Davingof V. Minon (Poslednee slovo lyubvi) (size: 0.44MB)
Galop (size: 0.17MB)
Strauss Johann. Y. «Na prekrasnom golubom Dunae» (vals) (size: 0.53MB)
Strauss Johann. Y. «Na prekrasnom golubom Dunae» (vals) (size: 0.55MB)
Strauss Johann. Y. «Venskiy vals» obr. T. Yampolskogo (size: 2.24MB)
Myaskov K. «Polka» (size: 0.11MB)
Offenbah «Kan-kan» (size: 0.32MB)
Runov V. «Minon» (size: 0.18MB)
Strauss Richard. «Vals» (size: 0.02MB)
Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich. Chyornyy lebed from baleta «Lebedinoe ozero» (size: 0.19MB)
Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich. Marsh from baleta «Schelkunchik» (size: 1.3MB)
Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich. Menuet from baleta «Spyaschaya krasavica» (size: 1.53MB)
Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich. Pa de Deux from baleta «Lebedinoe ozero» (II akt) (size: 0.03MB)
Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich. Tanec fei Drazhe from baleta «Spyaschaya krasavica» (size: 0.44MB)
Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich. Tanec fei Serebra from baleta «Spyaschaya krasavica» (size: 0.27MB)
Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich. Vstavnoy nomer from baleta «Lebedinoe ozero» (size: 1.65MB)
Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich. pa de de 2 akt from «Lebedinogo ozera» (size: 0.03MB)
Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich. «Gavot» from baleta «Spyaschaya krasavica» (size: 0.51MB)
Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich. «Krasnaya shapochka i Volk» from baleta «Spyaschaya krasavica» (size: 0.93MB)
Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich. «Tanec malenkih lebedey» (size: 0.12MB)
Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich. «Trepak» from baleta «Schelkunchik» (size: 0.37MB)
Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich. «Vals» from baleta «Spyaschaya krasavica» (size: 0.84MB)
Vals (size: 0.04MB)
W. Howland (size: 0.05MB)
Minkus Ludwig. Variaciya Bayaderok (size: 0.29MB)
F. Marshetti «Ocharovanie» (size: 2.42MB)
O. Morley «Mignon» (size: 1.69MB)
for sissonne ouverte (size: 0.5MB)
Rond de jambe en l'air (size: 0.5MB)
Developpe (size: 1.22MB)
Dyuran A. Vals (otryvok) (size: 0.53MB)
Sissonne ouverte (size: 0.46MB)
Puni C. «Variaciya Akteona» from baleta «Esmeralda» (size: 0.84MB)
Assemble (size: 0.49MB)
Releve (size: 0.56MB)
Ferme (size: 0.56MB)
Puni C. «Variaciya Akteona» from baleta «Esmeralda» (size: 1.13MB)
Delib L. «Vals» from baleta «Ruchey» (size: 2.25MB)
Delib L. «Tanec s sharfom» (dance nalozhnic) from baleta «Ruchey» (size: 1.23MB)
Delib L. «Tanec kukly» from baleta «Koppeliya» (size: 1.17MB)
Delib L. «Mazurka» from baleta «Koppeliya» (size: 2.24MB)
Schubert Franz Peter. «Rozamunda» (antrakt) (size: 1.59MB)
Bokkerini L. «Menuet» (size: 1.58MB)
Meleshkin V. «Marsh» (size: 0.41MB)
Kuzmenko L. «Mysterious Summer's Night» (jazzovoe profromvedenie) (size: 0.52MB)
Dzh. Sgambati «Vals» op. 36 (size: 0.94MB)
Steck P. «Flirtation» (Valse) (size: 3.18MB)
Shostakovich D. «Polka» from baleta «Zolotoy vek» (size: 1.74MB)
Prokofev S. «Gavot» (op. 12, № 2) (size: 0.61MB)
Smetan B. «Ariya Dalibora» from opery «Dalibor» (size: 0.55MB)
Grieg Edvard Hagerup. «Liszt Franz.ok from alboma» (size: 0.57MB)
Schubert Franz Peter. «Vals» (size: 0.57MB)
Grieg Edvard Hagerup. «Vals-kapris» (na fondu) (size: 0.53MB)
Dvorzhak A. «Vals» (na fondu) (size: 0.53MB)
Dvorzhak A. «Vals» (size: 0.53MB)
Vasilenko S. «Vals» op. 62 (size: 3.92MB)
Chopin Frédéric François. «Noktyurn» (size: 0.48MB)
Franksheyn B. «Marsh» (size: 1.06MB)
Balakirev M. «Noktyurn» (size: 0.64MB)
Strauss Johann. «Violetta-polka» (size: 1.2MB)
Vals (size: 0.59MB)
Borodin A. tema from opery «Knyaz Igor» («Uletay na krylyah vetra») (size: 0.58MB)
Vals (avtor ne ukazan) (size: 0.59MB)
Schubert Franz Peter. Marche Militaire (size: 0.7MB)
Cobb Geo. L. «Red rooster» (one step) (size: 0.71MB)
Mendelssohn Jakob Ludwig Felix Bartholdy. F. Romans «Na krylyah poezii» (size: 0.52MB)
Gertel P. Koda from baleta «Tschetnaya predostorozhnost» (size: 0.56MB)
Drigo R. fragment from baleta «Konyok-Gorbunok» (vertyachaya) (size: 0.28MB)
Levi N. Marsh (size: 0.42MB)
Chaykovskiy P. Pa de six. Adagio. (from baleta «Spyaschaya krasavica») (size: 1.86MB)
Adan A. Variaciya Gulnary (from baleta «Korsar») (size: 1.66MB)
Reber N.-A. i Benua F. Koda from pa-de-de «Venecianskiy karnaval» (balet «Satanilla») for vrascheniy (size: 1.4MB)